Brașov Council House, located in the Council Square in the centre of Brașov, is the second most representative building for the city, after the Black Church. An important architectural and historical edifice, the Council House now hosts the city’s County History Museum.

Initially, the building should have been erected in 1420 to serve as shop for the furriers’ guild (the ground floor) and as council room for the magistrate’s meetings (the first floor), but due to a Turkish attack that seriously damaged the city the next year, the project was postponed. After it was built, the Council House first served as watch tower and then, gradually, as the city developed, it was enlarged and transformed into the City Hall, and this is how it was first mentioned in a document dating from 1503. Along the years, the building suffered numerous changes, most of them due to natural causes, such as storms, fires and earthquakes. The actual shape and Baroque architectural style of the Council House date from 1780, when the city’s coat of arms was added to the building’s loggia, and the last significant change done to the edifice was the replacement of the old Baroque roof with a pyramidal one, covered in colours shingles, at the beginning of the 20th century.

Starting with 1950, after more than 3 centuries housing the city’s administrative organs, the Council House became the headquarters of Brașov County History Museum, now exhibiting important historical and archaeological items.

How to get there:
The Council House is located in the Council Square, right in the centre of Brașov.

Council Square, no 30
Tel.: +40 268 472 363
Fax: +40 268 472 350