The Roman Arenas represent an outdoor venue situated in Bucharest’s Carol Park, designed to host open-air shows, concerts and other events. The Arenas are one of the venues most appreciated both by the Romanian public and by the national and international artists who have performed here. They were built to mark the celebration of the 18 centuries of Latinity on Dacian land, as well as the glorious years of the Kingdom of Romanian under the crown of King Carol I. After the sumptuous inauguration of Carol Park in 1906, the area now covered by the Roman Arenas was used for cultural and sports events.

The summer theatre, built after Roman model, was erected by architect Leonida Negrescu, who also contributed to the Romanian Athenaeum, and dedicated to the Latinity of the Romanian people. The theatre was built together with a complex of buildings for the Romanian General Exhibition from 1906, which celebrated 40 years since the ascension to the throne of King Carol I.

In 1966, modernization works started: the amphitheatre was closed, the stage was elevated and covered, the grass-plot was covered with concrete and administrative offices were built behind the stage. The former royal loge was enlarged and had its roof repaired, and under the terrace was arranged a room for film projections. However, even if important changes were made and some things were improved, others were destroyed. Such is the case of all the insignia and ornaments which reminded of the monarchic period, which were removed.

Nowadays, the summer theatre has a capacity which ranges between 3,000 and 8,000 people (with 5,000 people as average) and an excellent acoustic. In the winter, the space between the stands is covered for a proper thermal insulation, everything becoming a “tent inside the arena”.

How to get there:
By car: From Henri Coandă International Airport, take Calea Bucureştilor and then go straight following Şoseaua Bucureşti-Ploieşti and Şoseaua Kiseleff. From Victoria Square, follow Lascăr Catargiu Blvd until you reach Romană Square. Here go straight, following Ghe. Magheru Blvd, N. Bălcescu Bldv, I.C. Brătianu Blvd and D. Cantemir Blvd. At the end of the latter, turn right on Calea Șerban Vodă and then turn right again on Cuțitul de Argint St.
By bus: You can reach the Roman Arenas by taking buses #7, #23, #27, #47 and #232.
By metro: The nearest metro stations are Eroii Revoluției and Piața Unirii, situated at 5, respectively 10 minutes walking distance from the Roman Arenas.