Beautiful landscapes, many welcoming pensions, delicious dishes, monasteries and medieval castles, as well as meaningful customs and traditions: this is Moldavia! Moldavia lies in the North-East of Romania, surrounded by the Eastern Carpathians, the Danube and Prut River.

Top 5 Attractions

  • The painted monasteries of Bucovina. Visit these seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites, considered to be true architectural treasures of Europe.
  • The Ceahlău Massif. A “Mount Olympus” of Romania, Ceahlău Massif forms an impressive natural habitat. Discover the beauty of the area strolling on easy trails.
  • Moldavia’s agro-touristic pensions. Stay in one of the agro-touristic pensions in which the hosts will treat you with hospitality, delighting you with homemade traditional dishes.
  • The Bicaz Gorges. Venture out to the Bicaz Gorges’ 8 km of serpentines, and enjoy the numerous tourist attractions of this area, such as: the Waterfall Cave (Peştera Cascada), the Red Lake (Lacul Roşu), Hăşmaşul Mare area, as well as craft and souvenirs shops.From here you can head to Vatra Dornei, a beautiful resort – town, rich in mineral and thermal springs.
  • The historic cities of Iaşi, Suceava and Piatra Neamţ. Once in Iaşi, former capital of Romania, you can visit attractions such as: the Palace of Culture, the Church of the Three Hierarchs or Copou Park. A base for excursions to the painted monasteries, Suceava attracts through its history. Visit the Princely Citadel (Cetatea de Scaun) and the Village Museum of Bucovina (Muzeul Satului Bucovinean). In Piatra Neamţ, city situated at the foot of the Eastern Carpathians, take time for a gondola ride.

Customs and Traditions

Moldavia, and especially Bucovina, is known as the region where the tourists spend their most beautiful and meaningful holidays. Here, the traditions are a way of life. Two thousand years old habits are still present, and every moment of life is accompanied by ceremonials. Spend Christmas or Easter in Bucovina and you will have the most touching and surprising experience of this kind. In Moldavia you can taste unique local food and drinks. Try the famous cabbage rolls with polenta(sarmale cu mămăligă), tochitura bucovineană or the delicious walnut pound cake (cozonac cu nucă). For a senses’ delight, visit Moldavia’s vineyards, where some of the most appreciated varieties of wine are produced. Many of these include wine cellars which are part of vineyards visiting tours.

Below is a map showing the main cities and towns from Banat and Crişana Region. Zoom in!