The regions of Banat and Crișana welcome you with DYNAMISM, HISTORY and DELIGHT, three words that describe perfectly the essence of western Romania. Dominated by the western side of the Apuseni Mountains and crossed by the Danube, Tisa and Mureș rivers, the regions are endowed with beautiful landscapes.

A Dynamic Place

The west of Romania is a paradise for thrill lovers, here being some of the most challenging natural sceneries. Surprising landscapes with tunnels and trails dug into the rock, waterfalls, suspended bridges and caves are complemented by numerous opportunities for mountain sports.
Try the mountain climbing routes in the Cerna Valley and rafting in the Nera Gorges. Explore the cyclotourism routes from the Banat’s mountains and discover the picturesque areas Brebu Nou, Trei Ape Lake or the Semenic Mountains.


History and Culture

Timișoara, the first city in Europe with electric lighting, known as “Little Vienna”, is an important cultural centre. With an architecture dominated by the secessionist style, Timișoara conquers us through its open squares, numerous parks, stylish gardens, elegant boutiques and, of course, refined cafes and restaurants. In Timișoara, where the 1989 Revolution first began, you can visit the Museum of the Banat, the Botanic Garden, or the ruins of Timișoara fortress.
North of Timisoara, on the banks of the river Mureș, the city of Arad is highlighted through a mix of architectural styles, from Baroque to neoclassical. Here you can visit many churches and cathedrals, as well as an original Turkish fortress. However, the main attraction is the city’s Great Square (Piaţa Mare), where the dominating style dates back to the Austro-Hungarian occupation’s period.
Oradea, one of the most picturesque cities in the west of the country, is an important cultural centre where the Viennese atmosphere can best be found. At the end of the nineteenth century many of the old houses in the city were rebuilt in the architectural style from Vienna, called “Sezession”. The city’s pearl is the building housing the Museum of the Crișana (Muzeul Țării Crișurilor), an incredible palace built in the Gothic style, with 365 windows, modelled after Belvedere Palace in Vienna.

Traditional Cuisine, Drinks and Delight

The dishes and wines from the Banat are some of the best in the country. Bulz, goulash (gulaș),cabbage rolls from the Banat, Varga Beles, stew (papricas) with dumplings (galuste), along with wines from famous vineyards, local music and folk dances will ensure an unforgettable experience.
Enjoy the pleasures offered by what was once the most luxurious spa resort of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Băile Herculane. Known for the therapeutic effects of the thermal waters and for the relaxation treatments, Băile Herculane resort is the most important spa centre in the west of Romania.

Below is a map showing the main cities and towns from Banat and Crişana Region. Zoom in!